Playing Texas Hold’em Poker Online like the Pros

Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular online card games around, and it is the most popular community card game. Learn to play Texas Hold’em like a professional with these five fantastic Texas Hold’em tips.

A quick run through of the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker

Before we give you our insights into the best Texas Hold’em strategies, let’s make sure that we all know the rules. In fact, having a good knowledge of the rules of any poker game is crucial if you want to be able to play that game like a pro. Each player is dealt two cards (their ‘hole cards’) which are for their eyes only. In the first round, they can ‘check’, ‘bet’ or ‘fold’ depending on those cards. The dealer will also deal out five ‘community cards’ in stages – these five cards are visible to all players, and each poker player uses a combination of their own hole cards and their community cards to try to create a winning hand. Read over the rules of Texas Hold’em to ensure that you know all of their finer points and then you are ready to go. Now, it’s time for some tips.

  1. Learn some statistics
    Texas Hold’em Poker is played with a pack of 52 cards. Some hands are statistically more easy to achieve than others. For instance, your chances of starting with a top hand like a double ace is just 2.1% – it really is not worth attempting to wait until you are dealt a hand like this. Flushes, however, are much easier to achieve – you can create a flush hand in around a third of cases, so this is definitely something to aim for as you play. Beware of getting overexcited by two cards of the same suit, however – this will only improve the value of your hand by a tiny 2.4%. Real pros use card counting techniques to estimate which cards their opponents are most likely to have, so that they can bet accordingly.
  2. Stay in control of your emotions
    Studies have indicated that professional poker players are less likely to overestimate their chances of success that financial brokers. Though poker may be a game with an element of risk and chance, it is also about control. Keep a cool head and never bet huge amounts on a whim.
  3. Don’t wear sunglasses
    Sunglasses and visors belong to the world of poker stereotypes. A true pro is able to stay in control of their facial expressions, as well as being able to read other people’s expressions without becoming rude or intrusive.
  4. Learn to be a good loser
    Losing graciously is an essential part of playing poker like a pro. After all, Texas Hold’em Poker is a social activity. Tipping the dealer and thanking other players – as well as congratulating the winner of course – are great ways to demonstrate that you are a gracious, community spirited loser. When you win, you would like other players to treat you in the same way wouldn’t you?
  5. Play against players who are less good than you
    Gamblers who are new to Texas Hold’em Poker tend to bet larger amounts that they should. Thus enables more skilled and experienced players to win big. Playing against someone who is slightly less good than you is also a great way to sharpen your skills so that you are ready to challenge those big fish in the larger annual tournaments.

Enjoy Texas Hold’em!

Playing poker Texas Hold’em style can be a thrilling experience, particularly when you play with a live dealer. Following these 5 tips (and being sure that you know all aspects of the rules) will help you to succeed like a pro.